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Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses

There are many different types of casino bonuses. Some are designed to get you to join a casino; others are designed to keep you playing or to get you to try a new game. The one thing all bonuses have in common is that they are all design to get you to perform the desired action.

The most common and well-known casino bonus is the welcome bonus.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is a type of bonus that you receive when you register in a casino and make your first deposit. The most common type of welcome bonus is the match bonus. The size of a match bonus depends on how much money you deposit. The casino will match your deposit and give you the same amount as a bonus. The bonus can be worth more or less than 100% of the deposited amount, but the size of the bonus is always decided by how much money you deposit. There is always a maximum amount that you can receive as a bonus.

Casino Bonuses

Let us say that a casino offers a 200% bonus up to $600. This means that the maximum bonus you can receive is $600 and to get this you have to deposit $300. $300*200% = $600. If you deposit $300 into your account, you will get $600 in bonus, and you will have a total of $900 in your account to us to gamble.

Make sure you read the fine print before you accept a bonus. You will need to fulfill the terms and conditions of the bonus before you are allowed to withdraw any money from your account. The most important term and condition to know about is the wagering requirement. Click here to get information about axie gaming.

Wagering requirement

All casino bonuses are associated with a wagering requirement. The wagering requirement can vary a lot in size and shape. The one thing all wagering requirements have in common is that they restrict when you can withdraw money. Some casinos lock all the money in your account until you have fulfilled the wager requirements. Other casinos allow you to withdraw the money you deposited minus loses before you have fulfilled the wagering requirement. You always have to fulfill the wagering requirement if you want to be able to withdraw the money you received as a bonus.

The wager requirement is based on the bonus amount you received or the total amount of the deposit and the bonus. Always check if the wagering requirement is based on just the bonus or the bonus and deposit before you accept a bonus.

Casino Bonuses

The wagering requirement is usually specified as a multiplicator. This multiplication can be as low as x25 and as high as x50. A high multiplicator often indicates that the wagering requirement is based on the bonus while a low percentage indicates (but do not guarantee) that it is based on the combined value of the bonus and deposit.  If the wagering requirement is x50 of the bonus and you received $500 as a bonus than you need to wager $25 000 to fulfill the wagering requirement. This is a large amount to wager if you prefer to bet small amounts. Learn more about to find the best gambling offers.

It is common that not all games count toward the wagering requirement. Many casinos ignore wagers made on Roulette, BlackJack and a few other games when they calculate the wager requirements. Other casinos do include wagers made on these games but limited the value if each bet. It is very common that wagers at the blackJack table count as 10% of the actual wager. I.e. if you wager $10 then the wager is calculated as a $1 wager towards the wagering requirement. You need to bet 10 times more money before you fulfill the requirement. You will often have to wager very large amounts of money to fulfill the wagering requirement at the blackjack table. You might have to wager several hundred thousand before you meet the requirements.

Bonus arbitrage

Bonus arbitrage

Bonus arbitrage is a method used to earn money by abusing the bonus many sports books offer new players. Bonus arbitrage is a way to circumvent the betting requirement and allow you to withdraw the money you received as a bonus.

I do not recommend that you use this technique. It is a against the terms of service of the sports books, and you will get banned if they catch you doing this. Any money that you have deposited to your account will be forfeited if they ban you. This techniques is very dishonest and tries to rig the system by playing the different sports books against each other. Please note that several sports books have the same owner and could therefore easily discover what you are doing by cross-referencing their data.

The only reason that I am talking about bonus arbitrage and how it works is that fraudulent individuals are selling this information online. Sometimes at very high prices. I am providing this information for free to make it harder for these scammers to charge for this information.

What do you need

To be able to perform bonus arbitrage you are going to need a decent sized bankroll. Large enough to be able to claim a free bet with a large number of sports books. It is possible to do it with less money but doing so will take a lot more time since you will need to transfer money to and from sports books. You can only use this technique once which each sports book.

You will need to locate a number of sports books that offer a free bet. Arbitrage can be done with 2-4-8-18-32-64 sport books. The more sports books you include, the more money you can earn. You can usually earn USD 25-50 for each sports book included in the arbitrage.

Make sure that you can withdraw your deposit if you lose your free bet. This is often, but not always possible. The free bet is usually considered a bonus if you win the free bet. If you lose then the money in your account is usually consider your money and can be withdrawn. Get to know more about gambling activities which take place on broadcasting, data casting and online platforms by visiting https://www.infrastructure.gov.au/media-technology-communications/internet/internet-governance/interactive-gambling

Do not try this technique in sportsbooks that do not allow you to withdraw your money if you lose your free bet. If you are not allowed to withdraw your original deposit, then this will not work.

How to do it

Once you have registered with different sportsbooks and claimed your free bet you pair the different sportsbook in a betting bracket. You then place the opposite bet in different sportsbooks using your free bet so that you win in one sportsbook and lose in another. Skillfully choosing the game to bet on should allow you to retain 90% or more of the free bet value. The sports books with the losing bets have served their purpose, and you can withdraw your money from these brokers. In the remaining sportsbooks, you will have winning bets. The winnings are considered a bonus and need to be wagered a certain amount of times before you can withdraw your money. To solve this problem, you repeat the process of placing opposite bets in different sportsbooks until you only have one sportsbook left where you should have a large sum of money you have won and for which you have met the wager requirements so that you can withdraw the money. (always double check this before you try to withdraw your money.

Doesn’t the sports books get what they deserve?

I sometimes get told that you should use this technique because the sports books deserve to get scammed. They rig the game to make sure they win your money. There might be some truth to this if sports betting was a luck game, like a casino. But the truth is that sports books offer a service that allows you to win money by being a skilled punter. The game is not rigged to guarantee that the sports book wins money.

Most people do not take the time to learn how to make money betting on sport. But that is not the sports books fault. The sports book offers a service where you can make money if you are skilled. They just bank on the fact that most sports bettors aren’t skilled. They offer you a fair chance to win. It is the people who bet without doing their research that deserve to lose. Not the sports book that gives you a fair chance to win. Since they offer us a fair chance to win, we should try to win fairly without resorting to this type of schemes.