Answers to questions that may cross your mind about Axie Infinity

Answers to questions that may cross your mind about Axie Infinity

When you heard about Axie Infinity, what were those things that crossed your mind? You might think your thinking is off the radar. But I want to assure you that it’s expected that some questions come to your mind about Axie Infinity. How did you hear about Axie Infinity? Did someone tell you? Or did you see it online? Whichever way, I want to tell you that what you heard about it is accurate.

Axie Infinity is one of the biggest games within the crypto community. Right now, the way people are making it via playing this game is beyond expression. Millions of users want to capitalize on the Axie Infinity hybrid of cryptocurrency. It’s an online game that is proving to be a lucrative business.

So, for those that are new in the Axie Infinity world, some questions might come to your mind. This article aims at providing adequate answers to some of those questions that you might think of. However, it would be nice if we could kick start with the meaning of Axie Infinity.

What is Axie Infinity?

This unique online gaming is a Pok√©mon-inspired blockchain game. It is a game played by players to raise and breed digital pets. The digital pets are called Axis. And the pets will have to battle with other players in the Axie ecosystem. Axie Infinity is an online game that comes with a lot of fun that is beyond expression. It is one of the play-to-earn games that is ruling the gaming world. There’s no how one will talk about games that come with so much fun and yet a way of improving people’s status without talking about this awesome game. Therefore, for those who want to know what Axie Infinity is all about, I hope you have seen something to push you ahead.  

At what age can one play this game? 

Of course, the fact remains that this game is strictly meant for adults. If you are eighteen years and above, you are free to play this game. I must say that this unique game is not meant for children. It can push them to things that might seem unhealthy for their growth. Therefore, if you know you are above 18 years, you can play this game.

How much does it cost to partake in this game? 

Nowadays, Axie Infinity operates around non-fungible token items. With that said, players interested in playing it must get their personal Axie non-fungible tokens. They can get it from Axie’s marketplace. But to start playing Axie Infinity depends on one’s ability. For instance, Axies can be from 0.035 ETH up to 300 ETH. So, it depends on one’s knowledge and one’s budget. Mind you; you’ll need to buy three Axies to complete your starter team. I will advise you to have nothing less than $600 to start playing this game. Hence, I have seen people playing this game for $200. It all depends on your budget. Remember, the $600 that I suggested earlier will help Axies have good stats and cards. 

How to compute your starting cost for Axie Infinity

The prices of Axies on the marketplace are highly unpredictable. Remember, Ethereum is highly volatile. Therefore, if you want to estimate and check the cheapest cost to get started on your Axie Infinity, the first step is to visit the Axie market place then go to the Axie section. The process doesn’t end there; also, from the list of sorting options, sort for Axies. Make sure you some kind for Axies with cheapest or lowest price. You can achieve that by ticking the adult checkbox from the filters. Now, you will see the top Axies appearing with their prices in dollars and Ethereum. 

Which Axies should I invest in?

You might think you should invest in expensive axies or cheap axies. I have read countless write-ups suggesting that the best way to invest in this game is to pick the axies at the most affordable rate. I want to tell you that starting your Axie Infinity with such a mentality is not compulsory. In fact, those axies that you see that are cheap always have fewer stats value. And they are not strong enough in battles compared to expensive axies. Therefore, I am imploring you to pick the strongest axies to give you a massive income. 

What are the factors that affect the price of axies?

There’s no doubt that several factors can affect the price of axies in the marketplace. The first common factor that can affect axies is the market conditions. At times, the market’s requirements can increase the price of axies. Not only that, the quality of the axies itself can affect the price either positively or negatively. You need to know that the inborn qualities of the axies can drive the difference in the costs of the axies from one another.  

Can I play this game for free? 

Of course, one can play Axie Infinity for free. The free-to-play aspect of this game is meant for starters or beginners who want to know how this game works. Also, people who want to play for fun can access this game. Therefore, if you are thinking about playing this game for free before investing in it, you are on the right track.

What are other benefits apart from playing to earn?

Another benefit of playing this unique game is the fun that comes with it. Apart from adding more money to one’s income, this game has so much fun that is beyond expression. I can tell you that you will be carried away with the fun.

Final words

Nothing should stop you from having fun and adding more money to your income. With the above-listed questions and answers, you will make the right decision. Please, permit me to chip in this that playing Axie Infinity is a great choice. Finally, don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comment box if you have any.