Best 7 Ideas to Encourage Active Scholars in Your Axie Infinity Scholarship Program

Best 7 Ideas to Encourage Active Scholars in Your Axie Infinity Scholarship Program

An Axie Infinity scholarship program cannot be profitable without a schola. More so, you can’t get as many profits as you want unless your scholars are performing excellently in the game. Wait, excellent performance is nothing short of consistent wins. So, we have a direction.

As an Axie infinity scholarship owner, your main objective is to earn more tokens to breed more Axies for fresh aspiring scholars. That way, you will build a sustainable scholarship that will last as long as Axie Infinity itself exists. Get more about Axie Infinity guilds on

I am saying that your scholars are the pillars of your scholarship program; you need to make sure you keep them active and happy to keep earning tokens as much as obtainable. Of course, it is possible to think your scholars should be motivated to give their best since they are taking the larger share of the token. Let me burst your bubbles. Your responsibility is to make sure the scholars are encouraged to deliver in their best capacities. Don’t be surprised; that’s one of the essential qualities of a human resources manager.

Now, how do you make keep your scholars encouraged? Here are the best seven ideas to help you out 

Best 7 Ideas to Maximize the Earning Potentials of Your Scholars

1. Allow scholars to name their accounts

It’s not a big deal to ask your scholars to provide their desired unique name for their Axie Infinity account. As a matter of fact, it’s the best way to give them a sense of ownership of the team of Axies they are using to compete.  

Pride of ownership makes people perform beyond expectation. When you give them a free hand to play on their terms, they give their best to protect their name. And what do you get in return? Tokens in a large amount. Asking your scholars to put their account names is a lot of encouragement.

2. Provide dedicated Discord channels for scholars

You can also encourage your scholars by creating an Axie Infinity hang-out spot where they can share their experiences and learn new things on how to play the game to earn more. Players develop faster when hanging out with other players with more experience. Click here for information about how earn money by playing games.

All works and no play make Jack a dull boy. If all your scholars only play the game, it may affect their winning streak in the long run. Hence, it is intelligent and more profitable to create a dedicated channel in Axie Infinity for your scholars to take a break from the game and interact with others.

3. Offer Giveaways 

One of the best means to encourage people to do more is to introduce incentives. You can never do too much when offering giveaways to your scholars. The simple gimmick will only fuel your scholars to win more, which means one in our pocket. 

I know you might be tempted to shun it off since scholars are also playing for their gains. That’s true. But, you may have to separate some of your shares as the manager to do something impressive. 

Mind you; the giveaways must not be aimless. You might set a high threshold for your scholars to meet up with before they can be entitled to the incentive. Here’s an idea. You can purchase an Axie and promise to give it to any scholar that first meet your target. Better still, you may decide to give the Axie to any of your scholars at random.

4. Create an arena for friendly competition 

In Axie Infinity, players must keep winning in the Player versus Player (PvP) to increase the rankings. How much Smooth Love Potion (SLP) players could earn depends on how far he climbs in the Axie Infinity PvP rankings. 

By implication, your scholars will stand a better chance to earn more in Axie Infinity when they climb higher in the PvP rankings. So, how do you encourage them to step up the ladder? Here’s a simple way to make it happen: create a private arena where you can organize friendly competitions for your scholars alone to compete and sharpen their skills. 

Mind you, that friendly competition will serve a dual purpose – helping your scholars to learn new tactics from one another and create an avenue for them to hang out. As your friendly continue to yield results, you earn more SLPs.

5. Celebrate achievements and progress 

People feel good when you make them realize they have done something impressive. That’s the essence of celebrating notable milestones. Highlighting your scholar’s achievements and progress as they battle to earn tokens is a natural way to encourage them to continue offering their best. 

There are several ways to congratulate your scholars for the job well done in Axie Infinity. For instance, you can start a mini ceremony that awards the Scholar of the Week. Remember, human beings are naturally competitive. You will be surprised how much they will battle to win that award every week. Honestly, it is an excellent way to encourage your scholars to perform better without putting it into words.

6. Ask for referrals

Asking your scholars to refer their friends or family members to your Axie Infinity scholarship program is another excellent means of encouraging them to earn more. Without a doubt, handing your scholars the opportunity to bring in new scholars will boost their pride and give them a good sense of belonging. It always feels good to have the chance to sell your gaming ideas to the real-life community.

7. Explore your Discord

Not many managers know there are other exciting things to do with Discord aside from general chatting. You can add fun by adding music, emojis, quizzes, points and leveling, and more. When you complete those critical changes, your server becomes more exciting, and scholars will have to stay close.

Final Words 

It is essential to find an excellent way to engage your scholars to feel the partnership. Meanwhile, communication is the key. If you want your scholars to keep top performance and earn more SLPs in our Axie Infinity scholarship program, you need to engage and encourage with exciting incentives constantly. Adhering to the above-listed idea will go along a long way.