Best of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Axie Infinity

Best of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Axie Infinity

Suppose you have heard about the surging hype of Axie Infinity with the seemingly infinite financial opportunities, and yet you have not decided to participate. In that case, it means you have some questions unanswered.

Well, I don’t know what your questions might be; I’m only sure that if you read the below most faqs about axie infinity, you will find answers to your questions. I have compiled several critical questions from every aspect of the game. So, you can rest assured of securing the one that specifically addresses your issue. 

Without much ado, let’s go and answer some questions. 

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is an NFT blockchain game built on the Ethereum platform. Axies look like this: they are similar to Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh monsters, etc. The game is still in early development, so we still have more to learn about Axies. We will update as it is revealed.

Can you make money playing Axie Infinity? How do you win?

Yes, you can win by playing Axie Infinity! All Axies and game items are registered on the blockchain and traded and sold on any NFT marketplace.

The market value of Axies and commodities has risen dramatically in recent months as interest in the game has increased. Therefore, you can make money by investing speculatively in these assets.

However, since the in-game items you earn can also breed and create a new Axie, you can make money simply by playing! You can sell the Axie you produce or merely sell the in-game items you earn in the Axie marketplace to earn money. 

How do I start playing Axie Infinity?

There are specific things you will need to start playing. Beyond a computer, the first thing you will need is MetaMask, a virtual crypto wallet that can be easily downloaded from their site.

The second thing you will need is a Ronin wallet similar to MetaMask and can be downloaded as a browser extension. While your Ronin wallet will be the main wallet you will use when playing, you will also need a MetaMask wallet to connect to your Ronin (if you ever want to “cash out” your items or ETH). Once you have these two things, you will be able to log in to axie Infinity, although it is recommended that you create attach an email to your Axie Infinity account as well so that you can log in more easily.

The last thing you will need is 3 Axie’s, as Axie games are played with 3 Axie’s on each “side.” You can purchase these Axie’s directly from the Axie Infinity marketplace at

I have heard of players being banned from Axie Infinity and some specific rules to follow. 

How do I avoid being banned?

The main rule that most people have questions about is the “maximum one account per person” rule. People try to make this sound very complicated, but the rule is straightforward: one account per person. Are you playing with one account on multiple devices?

It’s OK (you can switch between as many devices as you want at any time without problems, only if it tries to log in to 2 devices simultaneously, it will log out of one of them automatically).

What about changing time zones? Will I be blocked if I am in time zone XYZ and adjusting to time zone ABC?

No. The time zone problem was a false rumor spread by people banned from manipulating the Axie system more directly. You can play in different time zones without issues as long as one account (at most) per person. You don’t have to wait for a day or adhere to any other false information.

What is a good starter kit to buy? How much will I pay for a starter kit? Will these 3 Axies work well?

There are many different setups and things you can do with Axie, so what makes a good starting team will depend on what you are looking to do with the game. It is generally recommended to have some diversity in your team with one damage-dealing Axie per tank, one damage-dealing Axie, and the 3rd Axie using cards/special abilities to help in the fight.

However, some standard builds (such as poison builds) get better results when the entire team is tanking or concentrating on doing damage, etc.

If your main interest is to earn money by playing, all you will need is a team composition of 3 that can be competitive enough in the Arena to stay above 800 MMR, as there is now a minimum MMR requirement to earn SLP in the game.

As you play more, you will probably start to breed + trade your Axie more, which will allow you to create better team compositions for Player vs. Player games.

Best of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Axie Infinity

What is a scholarship program?

Because Axies are expensive and not everyone who wants to play can afford a starter kit, the community came up with a scholarships solution. The “Manager” of the scholarship lends 3 Axie to an “Academician,” who then plays and earns SLP+ items in the game. The Manager and Scholar negotiate how the SLP will be divided between them; generally, the most common division is that 60% of the SLP earned goes to the Scholar and 40% to the Manager.

However, since the demand for scholarships is so high, some managers are negotiating different rates, such as 50% – 50% split or 60% for administrator and 40% for academic.

While the exact details should be determined between the Manager and the Academic, we recommend avoiding managers who attempt to take more than 60% of the maximum SLP earned

Where can I find scholarships?

You can find a scholarship channel for scholarship postings on the official Axie Infinity Discord, which can be found here. Please note that this network explicitly does not allow posts or comments from people looking for scholarships. 

It may be somewhat challenging to access the game for a few hours when this happens. I would recommend following the discord channel for live updates when this happens. 

My energy reads as 0/0. What’s wrong?

That is just a visual error at this point: if you play a game, the power reading will adjust to the proper amount later.

My energy does not regenerate every 6/3/2 hours; what is going on?

The development team has decided to make the energy regenerate once a day instead of continuously, so your Axies will restore their energy entirely at the end of the day.

I got SLP by playing the game, but it doesn’t appear in my Ronin wallet; what’s going on?

You must claim your SLP from the Axie Infinity website. Once you log in, click on “Claim tokens,” and you will see where you can claim your SLP.

-Final Words

I hope you find precise answers to your questions in this post. If you have further questions about Axie Infinity, you can visit the game’s official website.