Choosing a sports book

Choosing a sports book

Choosing the right sports book can have a significant impact on your chances to win money. This is especially true if you want to bet on a less popular sports or leagues. (Something I strongly recommend) Different sports book will offer a different selection of sports and games to bet on. They will also provide different odds. The odds on the same game at different brokers are often similar but not the same. There is usually a 0.10 -0.20 difference or more. This might not sound like much but it makes a huge difference in the long run. Placing a bet with a 0.05 higher odds makes it a lot easier to make money as a punter. A small difference in odds allows you to increase how much you win without affecting how much you lose. It is a net positive that allows you to make money with a lower success rate. Click here to get about legalize sports betting.

It is very important to always place your bet in whichever sportsbook offer you the best odds.

Where to find the best odds

Now you might be asking yourself. How do I find the sportsbook that offers the best odds? The simple answer to this question is that you cant. There is no sportsbook that always offers better odds than other sportsbooks. One sportsbook will provide the best odds for one bet while another will provide the best odds for another bet.

Register with many sports books

If you want to maximize your chances to earn money, you should not be looking for the best sports book. You should not be looking to register with one sports book. You should be looking to register with several of them. The more the better. By registering with a lot of different sports books you can make sure to place every bet where you get the best odds. Where you have the best chance of making money.

The drawback to being registered with several sports books is that you need to keep funds available in different accounts. This limits the amount you can have available in any single account. You should never make any bet that is larger than 2% of your bankroll anyway so this should not be a big problem. It is possible to move the money between different sports books to where you need it, but I do not recommend this technique because it is a lot of work and withdraws can be slow. It is better to always keep money available in the account of each sports book you use.

I recommend that you start by registering with 3 or 4 leading sports books such as William Hill, Bwin, BetSafe, Betway or Ladbrokes. You can then gradually register with more sports books as your bankroll grow.

Where to place each bet

Your goal should be to place each bet where you get the best odds. To be able to do this you need to check the odds on each of the sports books you use before every bet. This requires some extra work but is worth doing none the less. There are numerous different odds comparison websites online where you can compare the odds for a particular game. This makes it easy to place the bet where you get the best odds. It also makes it easy to find new sports books that offer good odds for the events you want to bet on. Never be afraid to register with a new sports book to get better odds on the events you want to bet on.

Only use trusted regulated sportsbook

You should never register, deposit money or place bets with a sports book unless that sports book is regulated and licensed by a well regarded licensing body. The odds of getting scammed is very high if you decide to use a none regulated sports book.