How to make a profit from playing the Axie Infinity game in 2022

How to make a profit from playing the Axie Infinity game in 2022

Axie Infinity is one of the leading NFTs games dominating the world because it enabled players to earn money. Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game, and also it is a trading and fighting game in which the players can breed, raise, trade, and even battle with other monsters called Axies. 

This game has raised millionaires because of how much people are making daily. It has also become the only source of income for people.  The Filipinos have benefited from this game when Covid -19 hit the world, and everything went down. Because of this lockdown, many could not go to work nor do any business, and they must survive. 

So many people thronged into the game, and it became their source of livelihood, and that was how Axie Infinity gained popularity.

Axie Infinity news has that, as of September 2021, many people, especially from the Philippines, became a member of the Axie Infinity community. Axie Infinity is a potential money-making game, and it can raise millionaires around the globe. Learn more about Axie Infinity community. 

In 2022, if you want to make money and are determined while not considering Axie Infinity NFT video game legit and trust worthy .Any body can play this game and earn money. The developer arranged the Axie Infinity game for users involved in the game to cash out in Crypto currency and exchange it at the Axie Infinity coin Marketplace for hard money.

 Infinity game has a lot of chances to earn money. Once you complete your daily task, you will earn; you can trade by buying or selling Axies.  This year, let me show you how you can make a whopping profit from the Axie Infinity game. You may have tried much online stuff, and none works for you, but Axie Infinity NFTs will show you the wonders in gaming this time. 

Players in Axie Infinity can buy virtual land and other in-game components. Axie Infinity pays the players their earned tokens every 14 days. 

Ways to Make Profit from Axie Infinity

There are many ways to profit from the Axie Infinity games’ platform. The Block chain-based game rewards player with Crypto currency. 

Also, they get rewards when they play various games and when players complete their daily tasks, and players also get paid when players sell Potion and earn when breeding cute Axies.

Let me pass this information to you that before a newbie can make serious money from this modern play-to-earn platform, the player must purchase some Axie at least three from the start.

 Axie Infinity was technologically created for beginners to have 3 Axies to join the community.

Let me explain few

  • Smooth Love Potions you fight. 

In Axie Infinity, one of the general ways of making money is to sell or farm an in-game component called Smooth Love Potion. This SLP is one of the things you do to breed your Axies. In Oct. 2021, one SLP is sold for $0.075, assuming you now have 1000SLP, that’s 73$ as of 2021. So imagine how much you can make daily in-play Axie Infinity game. 

You can farm your SLP from different parameters. 

  • When you complete all daily tasks and mission
  • When you fight with other players in Arena Mode
  • You earn when you battle with other creatures in Adventure Mode.

The above-listed three parameters will increase your earns. 

  • Rear Axies Breeding

Breeding Axies is a way of producing another kind of Axies. The primary reason for the breeding is to create another Axies with unique traits like body parts, class, and cards. 

All these traits help the Axies to combat well with opponents, and it helps the player even to win more and earn big. The new Axies come in the shape of an egg, and after five days, it turns into an adult.

Axie Infinity has a mechanism that allows the player to breed Axies any two monsters to create offspring. The new Axies may possess the parent’s trait based on the breeding techniques.

When the Axies are well-bred and have some uniqueness, they can profit more after selling at the Axie Infinity Marketplace for 200$. There is a particular amount for breeding Axies depending on the breed count. And it means that the more the breeding count you do, the more the SLP you use.

  • Staking AXS token

When the player stakes their AXS, they lock it for a big earning. The longer you stake your AXS, the more interest rate you will enjoy. Axie Infinity can be considered a long-term investment. 

 What is AXS (Axie Infinity Shard)

 The ERC 20 governance token has a total supply of 270,000,000. There are some three usefulness of the AXS token, and they are:

  • Staking
  • Governance
  • Payment

This token helps the player have the right over in-game and receive the reward. Also, the token is used for breeding Axies fees and for taking part in the ecosystem. 

Players will earn AXS tokens is enlisted among the 200 top players every season. When you play the Axie Infinity game, automatically you will make over 400 AXS 

The Axie Infinity market is open to anyone who desires to make money from playing online NFTs video games. Axie Infinity has made it to the top when it comes to playing to earn the game. Axie Infinity is a good investment because any crypto-based game is advantageous. 

Recently Cryptocurrency has been making a big wave in the global market. 

Every day, people get more affluent in the business of Cryptocurrency.So also imagine how much you will be making daily in the Axie Infinity game. Compared to other video games that only take your time and drain your data without profit.


I gathered this article together to pass on the profit hidden in the Axie Infinity game. I believe that this article will open your eyes to the benefits of an Infinity coin-based game. Axie Infinity NFTs games run a transparent transactional platform. Infinity game has the potential to make you rich.